Do you remember your first board game?  Not monopoly or cluedo, but your first REAL board game?

For me it was Heroquest - feeding on my fervour for all things Tolkien, this was my childhood joy.  Orcs, goblins, the undead and a story driven game engine - this was the first time I had invested time in something I felt connected with.

My family even played it with me, mum and dad both joined in so it became a family game and led to my first trip to Games Workshop - and a misspent youth spending my hard earned pocket money on the next dwarf army or Skaven shaman followed.

Then I fell out of love with it all, the innovation seemed to be lost.  I no longer felt a connection to the themes and plot lines that the Warhammer universe offered. Guitars, music, bands and girls were all much more interesting.

So for the next 20 years I didn't play any games at all, my old armies were sold at car boot sales or given away to friends.

But board games have moved on.  There is an innovation and creativity from board game developers that puts video gaming in the shade.  Game mechanics are so clever, and keep evolving.  Plus there is one other thing that drew me back to gaming - it's so social!  My wife loves playing different games, from Mouseguard roleplaying to Civilisation the board game - and we found friends who loved Pandemic, or Settlers of Catan.

Suddenly I discovered that board gaming held so much depth.  You can be a cyclist in the peloton in Flamme Rouge, or watch your spaceship disintegrate in Galaxy Truckers.  Gaming sites like boardgamegeek were instrumental in providing me with a whole new education.

SO why a webshop?

Having regained my love for board games (ably assisted by the brilliant boys at Shut Up and Sit Down) I started ordering as many as I could afford, and I discovered a few things that annoyed me.

Firstly - Amazon, although brilliant on delivery, is really difficult to use when purchasing games with expansion packs.  I wanted to create something for gamers that was simpler, but still looked easy to use.

Secondly - places like Amazon are so soulless.  Where is the love for board gaming that you and I have?  Where is the sense that we are all part of the same community and the social pull that drew us all to board gaming in the first place?

I hope to build The Gaming Table into something more that just a place to order your games, but first and foremost, this webshop should make it easier to buy your favourite games, so that you have more time to play them.


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